Our Success Story

by Brandi Williams
(Louisiana )

Where do I even begin? Our son started with belly issues in the hospital. By two weeks old he was screaming relentlessly for hours. We tried several different formulas with no success and at 4 weeks we were started on Zantac once a day! We were also started on Elecare hypoallergenic formula. We saw slight improvement, that unfortunately didn’t last but for maybe a couple of weeks. After about a month on Zantac we were switched to Nexium 2.5mg once a day.

At this point we were still having horrible spells of crying, spitting up large amounts of bottle, choking and gagging spells, back arching, inability to sleep and get comfortable, unable to ride in the car due to pain when in car seat. You name it, we experienced it. Once we started on the Nexium, we began to see positive changes, but he still was very restless.

At our 4 month well baby visit, our pediatrician noticed how restless he still was, even though he did show improvement, and referred us to Infant Acid Reflux Solutions. We met with Dr Prince who went over our sons symptoms and explained to us why we weren’t seeing prolonged improvements. Babies metabolize medicine much quicker than adults and are most often under dosed. We were started on Omeprazole/TCMax three times a day, per Marcidosing standards.

I would be lying if I said we saw an instantaneous change, however, with the help of Dr Prince, Kira, Dr. P, and the support from this group, we’ve gotten our sweet, happy boy back. I could never put a price tag on the help we’ve received. As a parent, there is nothing worse than seeing your child hurt. Our symptoms are managed and our boy is comfortable. I highly recommend this product. Not only do you receive an amazing product, the support from this company is unmatched. They truly want to see your baby better!

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