Our Reflux Journey

by Rebecca C.

My little one was born in early 2017. She arrived via c section, screaming and gurgly as ever. Looking back, I should have known something was up then... but attributed it to her not having gone thru the birth canal.

5 weeks later we made a trip to our 2nd pediatrician trying to determine why our little girl was screaming every evening for 4+ hours and also falling off her growth curve. She was put on Zantac at this time and for a while, she thrived.

We saw her GI at the end of April and felt reassured that things may be on the right track. He prescribed Nexium 5 mg but I decided not to give it to her because things seemed to be going so well.

Fast forward 1 month, and my sweet little girl stopped gaining weight and began to refuse feeds.
Despite Breastfeeding every 2 hours (only while drowsy or sleeping), she didn't gain an oz for 3-4 weeks. Both her GI and pediatrician refused to look at research I brought in on MARCI KIDS dosing and wouldn't up her dose.

It was at this point that I decided to contact the team at Infant Acid Reflux Solutions. I knew I wanted to home compound, but taking that leap without the supervision of a physician made me nervous.

Dr. Phillips, Dr. Prince and Kira met with me shortly after I contacted them and we haven't looked back since. We determined the right dose for my baby based on weight, discussed symptoms and other concerns I had - all from the comfort of my own home & with a 3 yr old in the background :)

They were receptive, kind and knowledgeable. Most importantly, they listened! My daughter began to gain weight and I've been home compounding her meds knowing that if I need to reach out, they are available to help.

If you are feeling frustrated with your physicians or that no one will listen, do yourself a favor & get Dr. P and company on your team.

They care a great deal and it is evident by how quickly they responded to my concerns, discussed dosing and most importantly, LISTENED.

We've got a few hurdles to overcome here still, but we wouldn't be where we are without their help!

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Jul 11, 2018
Thank you!
by: Kira Volpi

We really are thankful that your baby is feeling better and for the positive post about our services!

Jul 27, 2017

by: Kira

Rebecca thank you so much for the feedback and for the kind words. We're so happy your baby is getting better.

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