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Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

The first week of our LO’s life was beautiful....but concerning. He was laying on a pillow while I was just watching him, he seemed so content sucking on his pacifier but then something happened. No noises, no choking, no spit up- just BLUE.

At first I thought I was losing my mind from being so tired but no, my baby was turning blue!

I quickly picked him up and starting trying to burp him vigorously in case he had spit up in his throat. That didn’t work. I’m screaming now for my husband to wake up so he jumps out of the bed and starts performing back thrusts to him as my blue baby laid over my husbands arm. Finally. He took a gasp of air. He didn’t cry. He was too scared to cry but I cried for all of us. We took turns after that night staying awake all night on shifts. I threatened my husband that if he dare shut an eye, hell would be paid. We laid with him in a recliner so we could keep him upright.

We saw a pediatrician after this episode and begged for help. He simply told us “babies just choke” and dismissed our concerns. I found a new pediatrician.

I told her about the infantry of meds we were giving him to help with the clearcut reflux symptoms- the painful crying, the sound of fluid moving up and down his esophagus, the wet burps, him swallowing whatever constantly came up, arching his back, eating to soothe, constant hiccups. I gave her my list; colic calm, gripe water, constipation drops, colief, gas drops, etc. I was embarrassed at the amount of stuff we were pumping into him but that was all we could do to help him and I refused to let him suffer.

She simply stated “I would have started with a formula change” and dismissed us. I could have lost my mind. Nobody was listening to me.

Finally, I made my own GI appt. There I was told it was a motility issue despite not having constipation issues. He claimed the reflux was due to slow motility and a back up effect of contents. Prescribed us erythromycin and senna.

I knew better but you can’t argue with a dr but so much. I left feeling defeated again. So many appointments and so little help.

I knew in my nurses heart and my mommas heart that I would have to find something to help my LO, even if it meant sitting in an emergency room all day and demanding help.

Thankfully I knew that all I needed was a way to administer and compound the drugs myself. I knew I was capable of reading medical books until I knew the correct answer if need be. BUT. I didn’t have to do that.

I stumbled across an article about TCMax on a message board during one of my all night “I’m going to help my baby even if no one else will” search events. The reviews seemed legit & what else did I have left to try? Nothing. So I ordered my TCMax around 4 am and watched the tracking closely. I was leery on whether it would be helpful or not. With Dr P’s recommendation, I followed the guidelines and started the TC Max/omeprazole compound I made at home. The first few days were just as always: reflux City.

But then something magical happened, we started to turn a corner! We had a baby who could lay down (on his belly) and not grunt and toss around constantly while sleeping! Every day was a little bit better. Now we are starting week 3 and he’s a much happier baby. I can’t thank Dr P enough for the help and guidance!!!

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Jun 08, 2023
So happy to read it!
by: Dr Jennifer Prince

Hi Emma,

Thank you so much for sharing your story, and leaving a review of my practice, Infant Acid Reflux Solutions. Reflux can be such a difficult thing to deal with, for both babies and their families, and knowing that we made a difference for you and your little one means the world us. We are here if you ever need us, but hopefully reflux is well behind you :)

Apr 18, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful review about Infant Acid Reflux Solutions
by: Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

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Dec 04, 2017
Thank you!
by: Kira

Emma thank you for the kind words and we are so happy to hear your baby is doing great now!

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