Nothing To Lose... Everything to Gain!

by Lindsay
(Flower Mound, Texas)

For the first 3 months of Baby Finn's life, he was miserable. (This photo shows him right before eating and right after.) He screamed in pain and arched during and after EVERY single feed, which means he never slept and always cried. This was our life for three months.

Compounded with the usual exhaustion of newborn life with little sleep and postpartum depression, I was bewildered what to do but thought he had acid reflux like our firstborn had, so I took him to our pediatrician. I was told it was colic and maybe reflux because he wasn't spitting up very much and was gaining weight just fine. They prescribed Zantac which seemed to do nothing if not exacerbate the problem.

The crying continued.

I insisted on an ultrasound to see if the issue was GERD. Sure enough it was, and ultrasound confirmed multiple GERD episodes within minutes of taking a bottle! But even with the diagnosis they would only give just enough PPI meds to keep him in acid battle and cause even MORE pain. (Additionally they gave him Lansoprazole which Infant Acid Reflux Solutions later informed me can cause sleep disturbances. Like that's what he needed.) Pediatrician sent me to a GI specialist who wanted me to put him on specialized amino acid formula rather than my breastmilk just in case he had a diary allergy.

What didn't make sense was why were we looking for a new diagnosis when we already had one and were not treating it aggressively enough to be therapeutic!

A friend recommended I reach out to Infant Acid Reflux Solutions, and I'm eternally grateful she did.

I did a telemedicine consult with Dr. Prince and she prescribed MARCI dosing, a different PPI compounded in a buffered base that allows me to give it at any time and not space it around feedings!

Two weeks after starting MARCI dosing protocol, Finn became a different baby!!! Now he’s happy and content. And loves to eat.

I would implore you to speak to the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions team. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting your baby out of pain. (Not to mention the potential long term effects untreated GERD could cause your child.)

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Mar 23, 2020

by: Kira

This is a beautiful testimony and we are so happy to hear little Finn is going GREAT!

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