My New Happy Baby Girl πŸ‘ΆπŸ’œ

by Megan
(Minnesota )

I feel like shouting from a mountain top.. so every Mother struggling with this reflux devil knows that you DO NOT HAVE TO ALLOW YOUR BABY TO SUFFER ANYMORE!!

You can take the next step and advocate for your sweet baby and get them on Omeprazole with TC Max and do Marci dosing.. it seriously has been the magic for us and so many others in the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Facebook group.

I get it, it is scary, giving your sweet little baby medication, but to me it was far scarier watching my baby screaming constantly from pain.

She is a completely new baby, and has been now for almsot 3 weeks. Please reach out to me or any Admin in the group and someone who get you on the right track.

Be the advocate and voice that your child needs.

Sorry if this sounds like a corny infomercial.. I just feel so strongly about helping every Mama suffering get the help they need.

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