My 2 reflx/mspi babies

by Jen
(Aurora, IL USA)

Blake was born 2 years ago today. It's been a rough road with his infant reflux/MSPI- but one of the major things that helped us along the way was the use of Zegerid plus caracream Z. A product Dr. Phillips created and the University of Missouri distributed. NOTHING and I truly mean NOTHIHNG worked for his infant acid reflux.....

We tried Zantac, Axid, Prevacid, Prilosec, Colic Calm, Gas drops...... u get the idea.....

It wasn't until I went on my own accord, did my own research and found Dr. Phillips' and his wonderful product.... That product along with my own mommy-knowledge to dose higher than my son's pediatric and GI had recommended, and then *BAM* within 2 days life was ok again........

Then comes his younger sister Brooke 19 months later. To my horror she has the same infant acid reflux/MSPI issues. Luckily, I already knew about infant-acid-reflux-solutions and how they had created a very similar product to the University of Missouri and ordered TummyCare Max (a product that is almost exactly the same as CareCream) as soon as one PPI failed.

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions gave me my kiddos back. It allowed them to smile when I thought that it may not ever happen. As a mom, I owe them SOOOO much!!!!

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Dec 05, 2012
smiling at my story
by: Jen

I wrote that story last month to post on this page and am now smiling as I'm re-reading it. These products did give me my kiddos back!! I am so glad its out there to parents that have tried other things with bad results!
Thanks again to TummyCare Max!!

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