Melissa and Wyatt

by Melissa Hull
(Oakville, Ontario , Canada )

Our almost 1 year old's reflux is finally controlled thanks to Dr Phillips and Tummycare Max. This is our story....

Wyatt was diagnosed with anal stenosis and acid reflux by the age of 5 weeks. He literally screamed for 18 hours a day, choked if I put him down flat, napped for 20 minute intervals and would wake up screaming. He was clearly in constant pain.

After many dr/hospital visits, we were finally given Zantac, which seemed to help for the first week or so. Then all of a sudden, he stopped eating. Back to the hospital we went. They changed us to pharmacy compounded omeprazole (Prilosec). Wyatt started eating again finally, so I was relieved. I "slept" sitting on a couch, holding Wyatt upright for the first 7 months of his life. It was the only way he wouldn't choke at night. ALL night he was restless, and seemed to be struggling to pass gas. I could still hear the liquid coming up in his throats and he would just scream when it did. This went on for months. Dr's increased his dosage, but quickly reached the maximum allowed dose here in Canada.

After a friend recommended Tummycare Max, I read and read and read about it. I finally ordered it and it sat in a drawer for two months. I was terrified to use it, terrified to home compound, terrified of the acid battle, and frankly, terrified that it would make Wyatt worse.

After reaching out to Dr Phillips (a hundred times), and seeing all the other stories, of babies, just like Wyatt, I finally bit the bullet and tried it. I was too scared to go to full Macri dosing. Not only was I increasing the dosage by a lot, I was adding a third dose during the day. So I started on the low end of Macri dosing. The acid battle was TERRIBLE. Absolutely brutal. I stopped after the second day, and went back to the pharmacy compound. I felt defeated. It seemed like the Tummycare max made things so much worse. A month later, with zero improvement, and reading about the battle, I tried again. I had my mother help. The screaming seemed endless. I'm not sure who cried more during that time. Wyatt or myself. I was hoping I would wake up on day 14, like so many others do, and the battle would be over. But not with Wyatt. It lasted 17 days.

Finally he seemed to be "better", but he still wasn't great. It took me months to get to full Macri dosing because I was so scared. And wyatt actually needed above what the "normal" dosing was. But Dr Phillips was right there entire time. He held my hand and walked me through every increase. Every acid battle. Every time I felt defeated and wanted to give up. He answered every one of my million questions. And never gave up on us.

I wish I had listened from the beginning.

But we finally got here. He's almost a year, and finally not screaming all day/night anymore. I encourage you to ask questions and post concerns. But I honestly believe, with Dr Phillips and Tummycare max, things would be very different.

Thank you Dr P, and Kira!!!!!!! I could never ever put into words how grateful we truly are!!

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Apr 18, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful review
by: Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

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Nov 20, 2017
Great Story
by: Anonymous

Great Story

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