Mateo’s Journey

by kristin
(Wyckoff, NJ)

Mateo was born 8 weeks premature, (and a twin!). We noticed that something wasn’t right when we got home from the hospital around the time of his due date. He would cry, scream, and arch his back during and after feeds. Never spit up really. He cried so often he lost his voice. He developed a bottle aversion and soon enough feeding took up hours of the day. It was a very stressful time. We dreaded feeding him. We tried different anti reflux rx meds (with dosage increases), formulas, bottles, nipple flow rates, dietary changes (for mom!), feeding positions, and distractions during feeds. He was gaining weight (albeit very slowly) and we were told to “just keep doing what we were doing.” This was not sustainable.

After months of torture, we finally decided to try Marci dosing with TC max. We were hesitant to try it as it seemed unknown and scary (especially being in the medical field), but after reading the success stories, we felt had nothing to lose.

We noticed quite a miraculous change in his eating behaviors after about two weeks. He gained weight and we did have to increase the dose. He did have mini acid battles during the dosage increases, but we powered on. He never went back to those days of screaming and crying with feeds.

Our only regret is not starting it sooner.

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