Marci-Kids Dosing Calculator

Just add your baby's weight (in pounds) in the yellow highlighted field that corresponds with your baby's actual age (not adjusted age) in the age field. The calculator will automatically process you your baby's dose to effectively control acid, based on Marci-kids dosing.

If you're not sure what to do about treating your baby's acid reflux, connect with a real doctor  that specializes in infant reflux now for FREE by filling out this questionnaire!

How much does it cost to use TummyCare Max®?

We get a lot of parents asking how much will it cost to use TummyCare Max®. The answer is different for everyone due to the variable in age and weight and how it relates to the dose needed to effectively treat your baby's acid reflux. So we created a calculator for you in enter the dosing information you retrieve from the above MarciKids dosing calculator to figure out how inexpensive it will be to finally get effective treatment for your baby.

Cost of using TummyCare Max® with a 2mg per mL concentration


Cost of using TummyCare Max® with a 3mg per mL concentration

Cost of using TummyCare Max® when compounded by the pharmacy

Now you can return to PPI Dosing Information page so you can read why this dosing regimen is effective. Or you can connect with our Medical Articles page to research the literature that supports our dosing regimen suggestions. Great articles to bring to your GI or pediatrician as well. 

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