Kenneth's story

by Cynthia Bearden
(Birmingham, Al USA)

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

My son Kenneth was born in the beginning of August. He was a happy little man at first. I was breast feeding him and he was doing great till his 2 day of life. He had jaundice. To get him better we had to make sure he ate more than I was producing. So we had to supplement with doner milk. He got better enough for us to go home but at home we didn't have doner milk so I had to supplement with formula and that's when it all began to go down hill.

At first things went ok about 3 days after we got home I took him to the doctor to get his jaundice checked and to make sure he didn't need to go back to the hospital. We told his doctor about how he sounded when drinking from a bottle. He sounded like he couldn't breathe. He was making gulping noises and she said he has reflux he will be ok, well I knew what reflux was because his brother had it but it was totally different than this.

So she tells me the normal things all doctors tell you. Keep him up right 30 min after a feed, feed less more often ect. So we went home and he was miserable. Crying all the time. Screaming when he ate. We had to change the formula full time because of health issues on my part.

We changed his formula from the supplementation kind and still no difference. Went back to the doctor and she said he's fine, he will grow out of it. I told her he's in pain please give him something to make him be able to eat. She said they don't medicate babys with reflux unless they are losing weight. Well he was gaining weight alright because he was comfort feeding.

Every 30 mins he wanted a bottle. I begged her to give me the Zantac. So we left with a script for Zantac and a formula change again. She put him on soy milk. Well when that didn't work we went back to his doctor, I told her he was constipated and he had hives and cradle cap now. She changed his formula again and said this will take care of it. Enfamil AR will make him not spit up that is when I told her he doesn't spit up, but she didn't listen.

Told me he can't take the Zantac with this milk so I would have to stop the Zantac. So I was desperate and decided to try it out. Well it didn't help either. So we went back to his doctor and she got mad because I told her it wasn't working and that he was having mucus in his diaper. He also had broken out in eczema all over. I told her I thought he needed a different milk and a different medication. She told me there wasn't any more formula for us to try and Zantac was the only medicine given to infants.

I was so tired of trying to get her to help my little one. She said he would just have to deal with the pain until he grows out of it. Well this wasn't ok with me. So we fired her. Got him a new doctor and told her about all his reactions to the different milks and that the Zantac didn't work. I gave her my food journal and after going through it all and seeing all of his symptoms she diagnosed him with MSPI and corn intolerance. We had to change milk again to a formula that he could handle.

I asked her about PPI's and if we could get him started on one. She told me that she wouldn't prescribe me one. That she didn't like her infant patients on PPI's but if I wanted to give it to him that was up to me.

That's exactly what I did.

I found Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and learned so much about PPI's and infants. Got help from Dr Prince and learned what the proper dose was. I decided to put him on omeprazole and got him started on a home compound with Marci-Kids dosing. It seemed like it was working at first but then it seemed like it quit. So I got some help again on infant acid reflux solutions facebook page.

Dr. P helped me get my baby the right dosing for previcid on the marci dosing and I ordered TCMax to compound with.

Because my lo is milk, soy and corn intolerant he couldn't handle the other compounded meds. I'm so glad we found TCMax. It has been a blessing. My little one loves the way it tastes and you don't have to time around feedings. That was always an issue for my little one. When he's hungry you're going to feed him. The TCMax and previcid mix has gotten his reflux under control. All of his crying from the acid is gone.

I owe it all to TCMax and Infant Acid Reflux Solutions. If it wasn't for their help I would have never been able to get his acid under control and accurately dose his meds. I recommend it to all Moms who have reflux babies. It makes life easier.

It is so hard being a parent of a reflux baby. They need constant care and comfort. TCMax makes giving meds one less thing I have to worry about. I will always use it for his meds. My 8 yr old is currently on a ppi and I'm thinking of using it for him also because he hates taking his PPI.

Now we are 6 months old and have won the acid battle. I have a almost normal 6 month old baby. I wouldn't have ever been able to get through the last month and through the following months without TC Max. It's definitely my miracle for reflux.

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Jun 06, 2023
So happy for you and Kenneth!
by: Dr Jennifer Prince

Thank you for your review of Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and my practice.

It means the world to us to hear from parents like you and know that we were able to play a part in helping Kenneth feel better!

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