Jacks story!

by Melissa Jasset
(Boston, MA )

When Jack was born he was sneezing in the hospital & wouldn’t lay in the bassinet. That was the beginning of a road ahead I had no idea we were heading down.

Things continued to spiral when we got home. He was congested ,hiccups, screaming crying, rubbing his face, spit up, squirming you name it, we had it.

After switching through 6 different formulas, and being so so lucky to find this website we met with Dr Tamika and almost the rest was history.

We started home compounding with TC Max and omeprazole and by 9 weeks old we had a new baby!!!!

Jack is now 16 months and medication free. We have felt so compelled to stay in the Fb group and help other moms because it was with the support of these parents, TC Max and Dr Tamika that we had a comfortable baby. 💜

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