It was like night and day with Dr. Prince!

My daughter is almost 4 ½ months old. The first three months were so tough for her. She had horrific reflux to the point where she was hospitalized three times by the time she was 6 weeks old for turning blue while feeding on multiple occasions.

She also screamed 6-8 hours every single day.

We took her to world-renowned hospitals and specialists only to be disappointed. The physicians told my husband and I to wear earplugs while she cried in pain and that she would just “grow out of it” by 6 months and there was nothing they could do. They gave us 5 mins of their time.

We saw specialists in NY who kept her for 4 days in the hospital including the PICU due to swallowing issues, choking, and laryngomalacia as well as damage to her lungs due to reflux.

No one was listening and it was honestly devastating as a new mom to feel like you could do nothing to help your baby.

After trying to get her doctors to adjust her meds on many occasions and many calls to the emergency line after hours we finally did the consult with Dr. P and Dr. Prince which was honestly life changing for us.

She is laughing, smiling nonstop, and the best thing is that she is no longer suffering in pain.

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Jan 18, 2018

by: Kira

Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story. We are so happy your baby is doing better after all those horrible experiences.

We are lucky to have Dr Prince on board with us. She is amazing. And of course, so is Dr. P!

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