Infant Probiotic Information

probiotics for infants with acid reflux

Infant probiotic information. Probiotics can be a very important part of your treatment plan for your baby. Learn which ones help and which ones don’t!

There are many reasons why babies have acid reflux. One very popular reason is the high number of cesarean births. When a baby is born cesarean it looses out of the influx of antibiotic and probiotics and all the natural flood and infusion from the mommy prior to being passed through the birth canal.

That’s one reason. Other reasons could be the fact that food really isn’t food anymore and what Mom’s are eating are getting passed on to the baby through breast milk. Other food sensitivities as well as MSPI, FPIES.

Every baby is different much like the way to treat each infants symptoms of acid reflux. Controlling the acid is primary but we also believe that providing your child with a boost that will give your child’s digestive health is part of a great plan to treating infant acid reflux.

This infant probiotic information will help you choose the supplements that are going to work and the ones we suggest which are listed above and below this article. It’s important that your probiotic choice include an essential strain called bifidobacterium infantis.

B. Infantis (the abreviated name for bifidobaceterium infantis also:

  • Thrives in most healthy infant intestines and helps to break down lactic acid in human breast milk.
  • It produces vitamin B-12 and pyridoxine
  • It produces biotin
  • Temporarily colonizes (Probiotics rarely colonize permanently)
  • Has shown good results in medical trials for IBS, pouchitis, ulcerative colitis, active IBD and travelers diarrhea.

See our recommendations of probiotic that have the bifidobaceterium infantis.

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