Infant Acid Reflux Solutions saved our baby!

by Jennifer Goodwyn
(Ft Pierce, FL)

Our 4 month old daughter has suffered since 6 weeks old with acid reflux. We went through 3 pediatricians and were at a loss at getting her help with her pain. We were given Zantac and after it wore off after a few days the doses kept getting higher and higher and still did nothing.

We were given Nexium and it made the situation worse. It wasn't until we found TC Max and learned from the staff how to understand a PPI medication and how to properly dose our child that we finally got her some relief.

The next day she showed a huge difference. My baby that had been dismissed as having colic and acid reflux she would just suffer through until she outgrew was finally smiling and laughing.

She began sleeping through the night and is no longer suffering.

The product, the Dr and staff is amazing and has saved our daughter!

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