I would be LOST without TC MAX

by Kristen G
(New Jersey )

I have beautiful boy girl twins who are born six weeks early. By the time they were two months old I realized the had severe reflux. It felt like every other day I was in the pediatrician office crying begging for them to give them meds.

Finally they did prescribe me some thing that didn’t work unfortunately and then I took matters into my own hands and came across the infant acid reflux solutions Facebook page.

That day changed my life.

I learned that I was not alone and that other moms were lost like me as well. Within days I finally got an apt with Dr. P (I highly highly recommended him!). He was not only was thoughtful but he actually took the time to listen to my concerns and put me at ease realizing I was right all along with their reflux.

Within three weeks I had my happy babies back, and quite frankly my life back. I found myself not having a panic attack every other day and my babies were pain free.

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