Highly recommend! WONDERFUL product!

by Shannon
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I just found out you are back in business! I am soooo happy for you and for all the little ones you are helping!

My son had bad GERD...soo much worse than his sister. I knew it the day after I had him. In the hospital room he was making this sound and I knew that was it. But, I gave it all a chance for a month, and when the vomiting and the screaming and the pain were obviously GERD, I went to the pediatrician and then child GI doctor.

We started him with the Prevacid Solutabs like so many at that time, when it was actually covered under insurance. That did help, but the dosing times, the empty stomach and the waiting to feed was very hard! Then suddenly the insurance dropped Prevacid solutabs and we had to pay out the nose just to make my son not be in constant pain. I would do anything for him but it was hard to pay at the same time with me out of work. Then via babycenter I found about cara cream max. The product that the University of Missouri used to distribute.

Night and Day, I tell you! Miracle solution!

Though, itself it is not a 'drug', we STILL refer to it as our son's miracle drug. It gave him his babyhood back, and our sanity and happiness! He loved the taste of it, sucked it right down happily! And I could feed him immediately after too? That itself was wonderful! We used it for about 6 months, until Reflux-Solutions had to close up shop due to funding. We were DEVISTATED. Luckily, by then our son was doing so well and he was older and we were able to find a dosaging solution for him to get through his last few months of treating him for his infant acid reflux.

That is why I am sooo excited that you are back in business! Congrats!

(Oh, and on a side note, when I did fess up to the GI that we did this, he simply took the paperwork and said, "YES", Dr. Jeffery Phillips was well known in the infant GI research circles and is great at what he does...and continued to give us the thumbs up to continue what we had started!)

So, thank you all for continuing this!

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