Happy Alex

by Jerame
(Nampa, ID, USA)

Happy baby for Christmas!!

Happy baby for Christmas!!

Alexander's early life was rough. He cried a lot, wouldn't sleep unless held, and had so many other issues that made him miserable. We talked to our pediatrician at the time and were told "babies just do that dome times."

We took Alexander in to have photos done, and our photographer asked us if we knew he had silent reflux and that is why he was so miserable. We had no idea babies could have reflux. We talked to our pediatrician about it the next time we saw him and were told "oh yeah, he probably does have silent reflux, we don't medicate that unless he is losing weight or has a life threatening incident. You can try putting a book under the feet of the bassinet or on one side, but you pretty much just have to deal with him crying all the time until he is three months old which is when it should go away." My wife was furious, and we decided to get a new pediatrician.

The new pediatrician was great, and worked with us as much as he could, but Alexander's symptoms just were not getting under control. once he was about two months old, he started gagging, choking, and stopping breathing for a few seconds. This terrified us and we were having trouble sleeping. We continued through different treatments with our pediatrician and found that ranitidine was helping a little bit, but we still had issues when night came. Nights were always a constant battle.

I had joined a Facebook group called Reflux Rebels when my wife and I were first researching silent reflux. Every once in a while I would see posts about an Infant Acid Reflux Solutions group and that some strange dosing procedure (MarciKids dosing) gave their kid the relief they were seeking.

I was hesitant because we tried omeprazole for about 20 days at the beginning of things and ended up switching back to the ranitidine because his symptoms got worse with the dose the doctor had prescribed and it was a pain to administer.

Since the ranitidine was kind of working we decided to just stay the course and wait to see if he got over the reflux at three months like our first doctor had said. Three months came and there was no improvement, and we got the bonus of Ranitidine being recalled.

We tried Famotidine and found it greatly lacking. We were getting desperate, and I had continued to read about success stories from that crazy dosing solution and decided it was time I looked into it.

I found out it was called MarciKids, and I read about the research done supporting it. We were still a little hesitant but when we had another batch of ranitidine recalled, my wife and I decided to give it a try and fill out the questionnaire at infant-acid-reflux-solutions.com. We were amazed at how many of Alex's issues were reflux symptoms, not just a fussy baby. We were contacted shortly after and got an appointment with one of the doctors to discuss treatment.

We chose to use the pharmacy recommended to us since they had the TC Max omeprazole compound that is specially formulated to be easy on babies and allow us to give the dose just prior to feeding instead of trying to space things out like we had done the first time we tried omeprazole.

The doctors with Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and Kira have been so kind and helpful. When we need a refill, they are there to help adjusting dosing for weight gain or other life events that affect his reflux.

Most importantly, he has become such a good baby. Alex's symptoms are almost completely gone now. He sleeps through the night and is generally a happy baby. We are so happy that we finally made the choice to try MarciKids dosing and work with Infant Acid Reflux Solutions, and only wish we would have made the decision earlier.

If you are wondering if this is the right choice for you, fill out the survey. If nothing else, you get a nice e-mail back that you can discus with your pediatrician. If your story is anything like Alexander's, it might just be the best choice you have made in your babies life.

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Apr 18, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful review about Infant Acid Reflux Solutions
by: Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

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Jan 29, 2020

by: Kira

This is such a great story and thank you for sharing your experience. We're so very happy Alex is doing great!

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