Happy 8 month old!

by Kimberly
(Texas )

My little one is now 8 months old and thriving! She is our third baby. My first 2 did not struggle with painful reflux, so this was a new world for me.

She had lip, tongue and buccal ties at birth, and she had revisions shortly thereafter. They did not help her reflux, however. A few weeks later, we also found out she had a condition called laryngomalacia which is highly correlated with reflux. My best friend told me about TC Max, and with our pediatricians blessing, we started Marci-dosing with omeprazole and TC Max.

She was a different, happy baby the first 48 hours, and then we hit an acid battle where she was back to screaming, arching, and miserable most of the day. It took a few weeks of acid-battle, but then we were back to that glorious happy baby! She started gaining more weight and stopped being miserable during the days! We’ve had a few flare ups, but overall, she is a happy and content baby!

I’m so thankful for TC Max!

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