Glad I found this

by Jess
(Scotland )

My daughter has suffered serious GERD after being born 15 weeks early. We were treated in hospital for her GERD with omeprazole. We should of been home sooner than we were but because of her GERD she was having awful sleep studies.

When we came home we were told to “enjoy every moment” and although I absolutely have it was a nightmare. She was in constant pain and as she got older and her lungs developed she sure let us know she was in pain 24/7. She couldn’t lie flat, she wouldn’t take her milk, she was constantly in pain.

We spent all of our time home crying together as I couldn’t help her and her medication wasn’t helping her.

We were admitted to hospital again after she turned blue from choking and spent numerous nights back in hospital. She would cough and choke constantly and was suffer horrible hiccups. Her weight was dropping and we were at the stage where they wanted to put a feeding tube in. I knew this would not solve the issue but instead make her put weight on but still be in pain.

After researching I came across TCmax and placed an order. We live in Scotland and it came very fast, she is on a high dose therefor we are going through a bottle in less than a week but with good planning I have not ran out as we cannot got back to how things were.

Within a week of being on the medication and doing the Marci dosing my baby girl was improving incredibly. We suffered the acid battle for months after coming home from the hospital as she was not on the correct dose.

Once we started Marci dosing with omeprazole and TCmax it’s was a life saver. She is now a happy baby that will finish her bottles and not projectile vomit she has gained so much weight she is now up a centile. She will giggle without getting the hiccups and she can spent a long time on her tummy without screaming the house down.

I can now finally enjoy my baby thanks to TCmax and Marci dosing.

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Apr 18, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful review about Infant Acid Reflux Solutions
by: Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

Thank you for leaving an Infant Acid Reflux Solutions review! We appreciate it and thank you for the kind words.

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Mar 25, 2021

by: Kira

What a lovely ending to a struggle. Thank you Jess for sharing.

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