Giving it a little longer turned this baby around.

by Amanda Novak
(Alton, IL)

Our baby girl is now 8 1/2mo old and our 3rd with reflux. I was so upset after our 1st order of TCM I left a not so nice review of the product, then found that they also have a help group on Facebook (I highly suggest you use this group). So after many frustrations, many many questions, and a lot of dosage changes, I was asked to leave an updated review and I forgot, my apologies to Kira & Dr. Phillips! So here is my final review as we have finally (fingers crossed) gotten past needing meds to make it through our days.

The acid battle is the worst and makes you think "what did I just do to my baby?", my advice and experience is work through it (this is where I got so mad/frustrated and left a bad review). Give it some time. Their customer support has been insanely good and goes way above and beyond- something that I want my staff to do daily and I should have made note on here sooner. Once you get the right dose down something will change and make you up the dose. Do not panic a lot of babies are above Marci Dosing, yes meds have side effects, but so does inadequate treatment.

Stick to the plan and your life will change, you will get use to the puke, and cherish this product, it will become the center of your travels as you never want to forget your dose.

I will tell you this is our 3rd baby with reflux and the 1st one we took into our own hands and now she is the 1st one off meds before 1 year.

Do not make my mistake and give up too quickly, there are many aspects of acid reflux, food intolerance/allergies being 1st, having the right medicine is the 2nd, and everything has an effect on it being 3rd.

I have encouraged many friends that there is help out there if they are willing to look, research, I would encourage you to buy this product, use this product, and watch your life change for the better.

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Aug 29, 2016

by: Kira

Oh my gosh Amanda, thank you for such a kind and amazing review. It touches my heart that you thought we were so helpful. Thank you for saying that.
We are so happy your baby is doing better.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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