From Tears To Cheers!!

by Melissa Shetler

Oh , where to start??

I was hoping this would one day be a story of the past but I know how much other people's testimonials helped me, so it's worth reliving.

My son was always sort of a "noisy breather." At 2 weeks after nursing he stopped breathing, turned blue and went limp in my arms. After what felt like the longest 10-15 seconds of my life, he started breathing again and we went to the hospital. They did a sleep apnea test and an upper GI. They sent us home saying he had acid reflux.

Ok but why would he stop breathing? Did it come up and then he choked?

Three days later he did it three times in one morning, needing back blows the last time. We went to a different hospital and they sent us to a Children's hospital in Philadelphia. Someone noticed his noisiness while nursing. It's referred to as "stridor" (high pitch, almost squeak if you will). Most kids with laryngomalacia just are noisy and as the airway strengthens it goes away. Of course we were in the 15% of all cases that required surgery. This was considered a near SIDS incident:( He had extra, floppy tissue on top of his voice box that normally opens and closes as we breathe. Maybe a combination of the reflux coming up and his breath in but this floppy tissue seemed to suction close and he was not able to get it back open. The times he turned blue he never coughed or choked, he literally just shut off.

Thank GOD he was in my arms every time๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ the ENT team scoped him and saw the extra tissue and shaved it away and snipped the sides so it can open wider. He is still really noisy but it's been over 2 months and no more episodes!! They told us if we didn't get the reflux under control the tissue could grow back from the irritation. I was obviously an emotional mess after all of that and that thought scared me to death. Zantac did nothing. Pharmacy compounded Omeprazole caused him to have gas that he could barely pass and just screamed bloody murder all day everyday. I asked our ped if it could be from the medication and she said she had never heard of that. It was exactly from when he got out of the hospital though.

I researched and researched and found TummyCare Max. I asked a million questions and read every forum made for mankind. Ask my husband, I was literally on the internet all day and night. I decided to give TummyCare Max a try. He is on OTC (over the counter) Prevacid and TummyCare Max (TCM) and after a week he turned into a new baby!! He was awake and not screaming. Started to smile and coo. I could actually put him down and pay attention to my three year old!

After a month he started sounding "noisy"again. His reflux goes all the way behind his nose and he sounds congested and has pauses in his breathing. We had to up the dose due to his weight gain. And again, within a few days back to normal. I am not one for medication and hated the thought of him being on something but the alternative wasn't even an option! When he lights up I get tears In my eyes every time! I thought we were going to lose him multiple times. I can't thank The TummyCare Max team enough! They are amazing people and changing everyday lives of these poor suffering babies and families.

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Nov 02, 2016
by: Melissa Shetler

Oh how I never wanted to read that story ever again!

Tummy care max and the proper dosing saved us


Around 9 months old (pretty much 8 months on meds) I realized that he didn't have any flare ups for quite some time.

We made that ever so scary decision to try to wean him off. I was so frightened for his symptoms to return so I went as slow as I possibly could. Well over a month of slightly lowering and dropping doses, we went to NO Medicine!!

He is going to be 11 months soon and even with teething hasn't had any signs or symptoms return.

I thank God every day for Jeffrey Phillips Pharm D (Dr. P) and Kira.

Thank God I found TummyCare Max.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

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