Finally on the way to a happy baby!!

by Michele

Our baby suffered from reflux - coughing, choking, congestion, poor sleep, long hiccup episodes and waking up screaming.

Our pediatrician had us try pepcid and prilosec but we saw no progress. We were referred to a GI doctor and ENT doctor and both said the baby was "fine" and to wait it out.

Then I can across this website and last month we had a telemedicine appt with Dr Prince and Dr Philips.

They have been tremendous help!!

We got our baby on the correct dose of meds and baby is now in TummyCare Max and omeprazole. No more insomnia. She now sleeps. We are still working through some minor issues but I now have faith we are on the right path!!

The telemedicine appt was so easy to set up. They give you an option to compound your own meds or you can use their pharmacy like we are!

Do not settle for "wait it out"!!

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