Finally help for my baby

by Amber Geiser

I knew right away something was wrong with my baby. She was my 3rd and I knew something wasn't right with her swallowing, breathing, constant nose congestion, constant hiccups, and arching back in pain.

Although she didn't spit up much, I could tell she would regurgitate and swallow. After going to my pediatrician several times and being forced to try Zantac and upping the dose a few times they finally put her on a PPI. However, after a week or so she would have symptoms again.

I found this website, did the appointment with the doctors here and they got us on the right dosage and with a compound that didn't hurt her tummy and stop working after a week.

We purchased the the pharmacy compound and started and now have a different baby.

I cannot thank the doctors or people here enough!

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