Fighter Mom

by Super Mom



Our first son Alexandre went undiagnosed with infant GERD for 3 months. After many months of searching for answers I finally figured out that he was suffering from Acid Reflux we tried many different medications here in Canada, without success.

We were desperate and so fed up of seeing our little angel suffering.

I finally found the MARCI KIDS site and entered in contact with Dr Jeffrey Phillips and that's how we discovered Bufferbabies. This company manufactures a very similar product called BELLYBUFFERS! It completely changed our lives. In only three days our baby was completely different. He was smiling and drinking again.

For our second son Gabriel, as soon as I noticed the same reflux symptoms, we started him on Bellybuffers. He was only 4 weeks old. He did not have to suffer like our first born. Bellybuffers is so easy to use; both of them always liked the taste. My second son eats A LOT so it was impossible for us to wait for an empty stomach to give him medication. Bellybuffers solves this problem too! We tried many different types of medication and this is what really worked for both of our kids.

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