Expert and Compassionate Care

by Kylee

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

We are so impressed with the care we’ve received from Infant Acid Reflux Solutions.

Our sweet baby girl has suffered a long and hard road with severe infant acid reflux. She was diagnosed with the complication of a food aversion because she associated pain with eating. She fell from the 84th percentile down to the 22nd percentile for weight.

So we searched and searched for quality care as we went from specialist to specialist trying to figure out the extent of her disease and the best treatment to take away her pain and make her eat!

We found Infant Acid Reflux Solutions through our search and we have felt so cared for by them. They have been very prompt with answering any questions we have through the virtual patient portal and also if we have other questions via email.

They have done a great job educating us as well to understand exactly what our sweet baby is going through.

The TeleHealth appointment we had with Dr. Jennifer Prince and Dr. Jeffrey Phillips was very beneficial for us. We felt like our problems and issues were heard and understood. It was so awesome to have a consultation with both a pharmacist and a physician at the same time! It is such a rare opportunity, but very specialized and in depth to have the expertise of the two professions coming together to treat our case so individually.

During the call, all of our questions were either answered during the call or followed up with via the patient portal interface or email. Our treatment plan was very clear. They know the severe acid reflux situation well and about all of the complications that GERD has caused for our daughter.

The call itself and the video quality was fantastic and easy. We had many options to use… our ipad, our computer or even our cell phone for the appointment. We chose to use our computer so we had free hands to hold our baby and care for her in the comfort of our own home as we spoke during the appointment.

The only bummer was that for our appointment, Dr. Prince’s computer was malfunctioning and we weren’t able to actually see her via the video chat. However, Dr. P did a great job being the middle man between Dr. Prince and us during the conversation. I still felt that it was a very in depth meeting and that we were heard and all of our concerns were addressed and answered in detail.

Thank you so much for helping treat our baby girl! She is finally gaining weight and back up in the 50th percentile for weight from down in the 22nd percentile.

We feel so cared for and so confident in the treatment we are receiving as it is coming from a physician and pharmacist combination. We know our daughter is receiving the top and best treatment for our situation!

Thank you for being such a life saver and keeping our baby out of the hospital and off of a feeding tube! She is now growing well and meeting all of her milestones. It's so nice to have such expert care to fall back.

We don't feel so lonely and lost. We have direction and confidence thanks to this appointment and specialized care!

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Jun 08, 2023
I am so happy we could help, Kylee!
by: Dr J Prince

Thank you for your review of Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and my practice.

Hearing that we were able to help your sweet girl is the best feeling, and is the reason we do what we do! Your words mean so much to us all, and we wish you and your daughter continued health and happiness!

Apr 18, 2023
Thank you for the wonderful review about Infant Acid Reflux Solutions
by: Infant Acid Reflux Solutions

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Jul 11, 2018
Great News
by: Kira Volpi

Thank you very much for sharing your story.

Jul 22, 2017

by: Kira

Kylee this touches my heart so much! I know how hard it is to see your own baby suffer and not have any idea how to help. Just hearing the relief in your written words makes my happy and to know that you don't have to worry about your little baby and wondering if she is going to end up in the hospital. It's something no mother should have to go through.

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