Empowered by the SCIENCE behind TCMax- Jacob's Success Story

by Carly
(Dana Point, CA)

Our Happy Boy!

Our Happy Boy!

Our baby boy screamed in pain and arched his back and scrunched his whole body for weeks on end. He was diagnosed with "colick" and silent reflux around 4 weeks old.

We started him on zantac at that point and he was on a sensitive formula but still couldn't tolerate it. We finally gave in a switched to nutramigen (a hypoallergenic formula) to rule out any allergies. This really helped for a while. BUT then he quickly developed a tolerance to the Zantac and we backslid like crazy.

We had to increase his dosage almost weekly to stay above water. He started spitting up so much that he was NOT gaining weight. His pediatrician ordered him to be on a PPI (like prilosec or prevacid) and I was scared to try it, so I waited a LONG time, or what felt like a long time. We saw FOUR pediatricians and had two GI specialist appointments. Every single appointment was a HUGE disappointment and each doctor made me feel more and more crazy.

In the meantime, I found Dr. P and read ALL of the research on babies and PPI medications. So we jumped in with TCM and Marci dosing when my baby was 3.5 mos old. We dealt with a moderate acid battle for about 10 days and then BOOM, we had a "happy spitter."

No more refusing feeds or arching his back or screaming in pain. With his body feeling better his little personality is now shining through. He laughs, smiles, and is clearly so much more comfortable in his body. He is hardly EVER in pain anymore and he eats like a CHAMP. He's gaining weight perfectly and is sleeping better than I ever imagined possible with a reflux baby.

It was the CRAZIEST struggle. I worried about it constantly; it consumed me. Not until I found Dr. P and read and read about it did I feel ANY relief. I can't emphasize enough to parents who are on the fence about giving TCM and Infant Acid Reflux Solutions a try that this IS a solution that works. There is tremendous research and science behind these treatments and you will NOT regret making this change for your baby.

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Jun 07, 2023
Thank you Carly!
by: Dr Jennifer Prince

Thank you for your review of Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and my practice.

It means the world to us to hear from parents like you and know that we were able to play a part in helping sweet Jacob feel better!

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