Elijah's story

by Adrienne
(Lafayette, Louisiana)

Yay! My tummy feels good!!

Yay! My tummy feels good!!

Elijah was born a hefty 9 lbs 14 oz (yes, 98th percentile for height and weight) and was so very sweet.

From birth we had issues with choking and not breathing during nursing, intense vomiting and gagging, you name it. At 3 months, the screaming started. He screamed about 12 hours a day, when he was awake he was smiling (if you weren't trying to feed him). At night he would scream whether trying to nurse, or being rocked. We held him at night, he would rest on us, then arch back and scream and scream until the pain went away and he would rest his head back down until it came again. “Normal baby stuff,” said the doctor.

From 3-6 months he gained no weight and almost no height, dropping about 50 percentiles. I took milk enhancing drugs in case my production was an issue, it wasn’t. We had his tongue and lip ties cut deeper to help him nurse better, since apparently something was wrong. After brutal recovery, nothing changed. We saw speech and occupational therapy to help us find and fix the problem. Both therapists said they felt like reflux was the issue, but still our doctor said no.

Finally, my son spit up blood one day, and we got our first prescription, Zantac. He stopped screaming and within 1-2 days no more “oral aversion,” he took a bottle and pacifier right away. Within a week or so though, the Zantac stopped working. “That doesn’t happen” said the doctor.

That’s when I stopped looking for help there and while waiting to see the GI, I sought help on the internet. I found information on TCMax, but sadly it was not in production at the time. I was so upset to read mothers rave about how it changed their lives, but it was not available for us. The website said that it was currently working on being made available again, but I figured it would never happen, we would never be that fortunate. I sent my information in to be notified when it was available again, but I kept moving and tried not to think about it.

We saw a total of five GIs in two states, one internationally renowned and awarded, and each gave different and totally useless guidance. We put Elijah on a PPI using information we found online from Dr. Jeffrey Phillips (Dr. P), the creator of TummyCare Max, and that was really the only way we ever saw improvement. Our medication didn’t work optimally because his stomach emptied slowly, but we carried on.

Then one day I got the e-mail: TCMax was in production and would be available soon. I couldn’t believe it. The wait for our shipment physically hurt, I knew it was our answer. Shortly after beginning TCMax and consulting with Dr. P on the best regimen for my son, we were pretty darn close to living a normal, happy life. No more screaming and crying out of hunger, then out of pain when he tried to eat. No more misery. His PPI was working well since it no longer needed to be given on an empty stomach, and he started gaining weight consistently. At 16 months we are still medicating, and we never take for granted the fact that we no longer have to tell our baby that he can’t eat because his stomach needs to be empty for his medicine!!

If you have a reflux child, you need Tc Max. Think medication doesn’t work for your child with reflux? Think again, you may just need to make a few changes and the gift of TCMax. You need the product, and you need the guidance of both Dr. Tamika and Ms. Kira Volpi who have dedicated their lives to helping reflux babies and their families.

Thank you Dr.P, Ms. Kira Volpi, Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and TCMax for giving us our baby back, and allowing us newfound time to love and enjoy him!

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Jun 06, 2023
Great news!
by: Dr Jennifer Prince

Thank you for your review of Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and my practice.

It means the world to us to hear from parents like you and know that we were able to play a part in helping your baby feel better!

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