Don't wait like I did!!

by Jill
(Crown Point, IN)

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

Infant Acid Reflux Solutions Review

I just wanted to say to any Moms out there that are just 'starting the reflux roller coaster' with their new babies, and have yet to get it under control, I want to strongly encourage you to try Infant Acid Reflux Solutions and use TCMax.

I was hesitant to order "stuff" from the internet to mix with my baby's medicine.
And finally I had enough, and thought why not? (MY BABY WAS 10 MONTHS OLD! )

I tried it and literally my baby was like night and day. There were no more 'good days, bad days'. They were ALL good days. I am so saddened to think I could've had relief for my baby girl sooner.. I could've enjoyed her being a baby sooner. My hang-ups kept me from ordering.. But my husband and I did our research and finally agreed to try it.

It makes sense.
It works. and

I wish there was some way ALL ped GIs and pediatricians would be educated on reflux so they can recommend it to their patients. (Mine was, thankfully! But I didn't get in to see him until AFTER I had started the TCMax).

If any of you new Moms are on the fence about trying it, I just want to say TRY IT...sooner rather than later. I wish I had.

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