Baby Orry

by Erin Heitshusen
(Des Moines, Iowa)

Orry had FTT at 11 weeks old. Stayed inpatient for 6 days. Orry screamed night and day those first 11 weeks right after birth. I held him 23.5 hours a day.

We were diagnosed with severe silent reflux. Our GI team still called him fussy and colic on top of reflux. We were given pharmacy compound omeprazole but we're never told to give on empty stomach. We would make progress and then go backwards always in days.

As you can see we were misguided and misinformed. The only thing that began to change our life was the help from DR. Tamika, DR. P AND KIRA. They walked me through dosing, how to use it, and made me feel included in my care of my baby. I never got the feeling anyone was listening up until then nor did i ever feel included in decisions for my baby.

Dr. P AND Kira devoted endless time to my questions and concerns and just plain complaint days of times of struggle.

I cannot fathom what I will do without this team to care for my baby. We were finally at a good dose and my baby was happy.

I can't say thank you enough to these people for their kindness and guiding light in the darkness and despair. If you don't know what a screaming baby sounds like, you're blessed. I dare anyone who questions the product or this service to spend 1 night doing what us reflux parents do!

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