Baby Joey

by Erin Heitshusen
(South Carolina )

This is my second time writing a review for my newest baby using MARCI dosing and TC MAX. I wrote one for her older brother who is now 2 and thriving and has been off meds since 12 mos of age!

I have 4 children with baby 1, 3, and 4 having terrible silent reflux though they all had different severity.

My oldest who is 11 was called colic for the first 7 mos of life. Doctor told me to eliminate dairy and caffeine from my life as a breastfeeding mom. I did and it did nothing.

Then at 5 mos old they said go to a formula for fussy babies. I did and it did nothing...long story short he was treated with ranitidine at 7 mos old. I'm not sure it really helped or he was already growing out but he ended up with lots of cases of chronic tonsillitis (not strep)

I now believe because of the acid damage. He had to meet 30 lbs to have surgery which made him 33 mos he had lots of antibiotics by then and a severe allergic reaction. All of this could have been avoided had I known this group and this info long ago!

Fast forward I pretty much got the same treatment with baby 3, Orry, who had really severe gerd. He turned FTT and spent 6 days inpatient at 11 weeks old. When we had our 2 week follow up with the GI and he told me he had colic and gerd and it would be normal with colic to scream for 23 hours a day I walked away and never looked back. Found this group and it changed our lives!

Now to baby Joey...she seemed fine the first 2 weeks of life unlike her brothers. I thought for sure we were in the clear..then symptoms kept coming and increasing. You would think I would be an expert ready for this (I even had a bottle from Remedies waiting just in case!) but yet again my mind wandered... I started listening to other moms say it was my fast letdown and my oversupply. I tried working on that and my husband said, "get out the meds we know she has it!" So at 4 weeks (early to tell) I started her meds. I knew in my heart with having had 2 we were quick on a terrible downhill slide into reflux reality. I am happy to say she had some rougher moments but overall she did great compared to Orry. She is the happiest baby now!

We are so relieved we were spared the journey we had with the other two! Thank you, thank you for the wisdom from people who understand and research this awful disease! I cannot tell you how my life is so different with this baby!! I have enjoyed her very early on has been amazing!

I love these people!

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