A whole new world

by Emilia
(Long Island NY)

A few weeks shy of her first birthday!

A few weeks shy of her first birthday!

From the day my little was born she had terrible reflux. It affected everything in our lives. She couldn’t latch and everything I ate bothered her belly. We tried formula after formula and doctor after doctor who said she was fine. She spit up entire bottles, didn’t sleep, and had a terrible time eating.

Finally one Dr gave her baby pepcid at about 4 months of age. It did absolutely nothing. We changed our clothes multiple times a day, held her all night to sleep and fed her 2 oz every 45 minutes. She gained weight so still the doctors said she was fine. She was Clearly in pain so mom intuition told me to find someone who would help.

That’s when I found this amazing group.

After speaking with them about Tcmaxx I knew it was my last resort. I followed their instructions and the handy calculator and went for it. As scary as mixing it myself was I knew I needed to do it. After 2 weeks on the medication I had a whole new baby. The spitup stopped. She ate like a champ. And…..


Without this group and these amazing and supportive humans I would probably still be fighting doctors to believe me.

At 9 months old we started BLW. The more she ate the less we noticed her reflux. Now, at 11months old she has 3 meals and 2 snacks a day and our pediatrician cleared us to move off of formula and on to Whole milk. So we slowly weaned off the omeprazole too. After about 4 weeks of weaning we are Officially off the medication and Reflux Free!!

It has been a crazy year but we made it through because of the help and support I got from this group. 🥰

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Apr 18, 2023
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May 15, 2022

by: Kira

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