A severe reflux story

by Monica Salmeron
(San Antonio, TX USA)

Happy baby once she was taking TCM

Happy baby once she was taking TCM

My daughter was born at 34 weeks, low birth weight. Reflux was identified right away and she was put on Zantac. Zantac worked until she was 6 weeks - at which point she proceeded to cry for 72 hours straight.

I took her to the doctor every day for 3 days, until they prescribed Prevacid Solutabs 15mg once a day. Well....that didn't work and I got desperate, my baby was very unhappy and in pain, and she didn't sleep. We eliminated dairy and soy, still nothing. The more research I did the more things I added to the list, wait after giving medications, sleep at an incline, smaller feeds, held upright.

Besides the crying, her symptoms included a rash in her diaper area, acid smelling breath, hands in the mouth, hiccups, gurgling breaths, bottle refusal unless it was cold milk, among other things. Eventually she was diagnosed with Sandifers.

Research led me to TummyCare Max and Marci-Kids Dosing.
It was a Godsend!
I started medicating at 36mg per day with TummyCare Max, split into 3 doses and after a couple of weeks (and quite a bit of MCS) she was a happy, calm, sleeping baby.

Finally got the GI on board and have discovered with time that we have quite a severe and complicated case, compounded with delayed gastric emptying, a weak sphincter and food allergies, and we had a couple of anemia episodes. She was on breast milk until 12 months, when she developed anemia and had to go on Elecare. She was on Elecare until she was 3.

We ran out of TummyCare Max when she was 18 months and eventually reduced her dose. Her symptoms were gone and she was happy. Big mistake, her endoscopy at 24 months showed esophagus damage, she was then put on Nexium.

My daughter is now almost 5 now and she's still on a PPI and a special diet. I just ordered TummyCare Max to mix with her Nexium, its just too hard for her to wait 30 minutes to eat and make it to school on time.

This product saved my sanity, it took me 4 years to consider another baby, and finding out that TummyCare Max was available again during my pregnancy was a relief.

Also the team that works at the company is extraordinary and incredibly helpful. Thank you for making it available and for helping these poor babies.

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