2nd refluxer. What a difference!

With my first refluxer (second child) and I went the traditional route working with my local pediatrician. We struggled for 2 years with reflux pain with him screaming day in and day out. I felt so helpless as all I could do his hold him while he screamed and we both passed out from exhaustion each day.

So when my third child started showing symptoms of reflux, I was devastated. I found Dr. P and he helped get my baby’s reflux under control and she is now the most happy and content baby.

It is obvious how deeply he and his team care for babies and families to help them in their journey. They make a HUGE difference in actually being able to administer a PPI, especially if you are a busy mom with other children.

Thank you Dr. P! You have given us peace of mind, sleep, and the joyous babyhood that we all desperately wanted and needed.

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