15 Min Call Prep

We are so excited you booked your free 15 minute call. This is the first step to having a happy, smiling, eating, sleeping and over all healthy baby. Probably for the first time.

There are a few things we require for this  call so we can help you specifically as everyone's baby is different and so are the needs of the family.

  • If you haven't already; please fill out this questionnaire prior to the call. We will see it and add it to your scheduled time.
  • Make sure you've scheduled the call when all the people involved in the child's health care decisions are with you. If they won't be available at the time you've scheduled, please review your confirmation email for the "reschedule" link so you can pick a time that works for everyone involved.

That's all we need to get you and your baby the help you both need to put this difficult time behind you! We're excited to hear YOUR HAPPY BABY STORY!