10 Days to a Happy Baby

by Jamie Carey
(Irvine, CA)

On January 24th, 2018, my husband and I wrote down these symptoms and started omeprazole with the the pharmacy compound.

-crying during or immediately after reflux/spitting up
-difficulty lying down after eating (would start crying in a panicked tone)
-snacking during the day and taking to eating full bottles on a regular 3-hour schedule at night while sleeping.
-Difficulty eating especially in the early morning hours; grunting, turning head side-to-side, flailing arms, spitting out milk after only eating a small amount (not a spit up, but just not swallowing).
-very intense hiccups on a daily basis
-generally irritable and/or miserable

10 days later, we checked this list and all those symptoms are gone. Anyway, just wanted to thank Dr. Jeffrey Phillips and everyone at Infant Acid Reflux Solutions for all their hard work and advice.

We have a happy baby again!

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