Thickening Formula

Thickening Formula - Is it helping or making things more difficult for my baby?

That is a very good question. Most of the time thickening is offered in an effort to reduce the movement of stomach contents into the esophagus by making the food thicker and more difficult to spit up. However, if your baby is already having difficulty digesting food for other reasons, this can cause more acid production as the body attempts to break down food.

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Thickening food, formula or even breast milk has no effect on decreasing acid production which is the root cause of the pain associated with GERD symptoms.

Although formula adjustments and even feeding therapy can play a VERY important part of treating your baby's symptoms, we would like to help you get the production of acid under control, get your baby out of pain and then implement a healthy, effective feeding or formula plan to keep them out of pain.

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