Gift Certificate Instructions

So you just bought an appointment to HAFO (Help a Family Out)! That is probably one of the most loving thing you can do for a family with a sick baby. These are the Gift Certificate Instructions.

Once you issued payment you were redirected to this page for some very important next steps, which you should also received in a response email using the email address corresponding with you paypal account.

1. Wait to receive the response email from our team. We are pretty quick but depending on when you purchased it may not be right away. Please give us 12 hours to respond.

2. That email with have a copy of a gift certificate image with a unique number matching the transaction code of the payment issued on Paypal.

3. You can forward that image to the family you want to help out.

4. Include the special note you want to share with them and our email address, which will be provided in the response letting them know that they need to contact us directly for next steps to getting help for their baby.

Thank you for being so caring and generous!