TummyCare Max was a lifesaver

by Candace
(Birmingham, AL, USA)

I had been through infant acid reflux with my first son and it was successfully treated with Zantac. I thought that when my second son arrived and he was diagnosed at 3.5 weeks that it would be easier to manage because I was experienced.

Not the case!!!

He was much worse than my first son. We tried many things with disappointing results. He was miserable and we were too! I remembered reading about these buffering products during my first son's reflux and was happy to find out they were back!

We ordered and started on TummyCare Max. He got so much relief and it was more manageable. My pediatrician was glad that we found something to help! Now, at 9.5 mo, he is successfully weaned off his omeprazole/TummyCare Max and he's happy, eating all kinds of food, and even keeps down liquids!

Thank you so much you for offering these products!

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