Below are all the screen shots of the excel spreadsheet itemizing each charge that has come out of my personal credit cards to support you in creating the practice you wanted.

You will be getting an email with all supporting screen shots and the original excel file.

You'll also going to be getting a few additional emails from me of my vision of the future and my next steps Jenn.

You should not have taken the route you did Jenn. If you had questions you could have reached out to me politely and expressed them and I could have eased whatever concerns you had. I thought we were working towards the same goal. Trying to bully me and giving me 5 day ultimatums cut off funding for ads that after 8 months of work finally started working and shooting out accusations in front of my team that I put together to support you was an accumulation of the worst possible moves you could have made.

But you've done them now and here we are.

There's no coming back from this.

My suggestion is, when you do get my emails you move quickly. I will be.