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Book your appointment with Dr. Prince, our specialty infant GERD doctor for a telemedicine appointment for a treatment plan, doctor notes for day care, formula prescriptions, email support with a 24 hour response time. It is out of pocket but we help you get reimbursed if your insurance covers telemedicine, which most do now.

Work with a infant GERD coach to provide you with other treatment options if using medications is not your next step. Beth Pulsifer has 25 years of infant GERD experience that trails all the way up to congress. Has written multiple medical articles on the matter, a book and ran the first infant GERD webite for over 10 years. Read her BIO here.

If you haven't filled out the infant reflux questionnaire, now is a good time. It's replied to your child's symptoms specifically and will give you a lot of insight on those symptoms, your current treatments and other options.

Read real life testimonials from families we've worked with and have found success in our treatment options and coaching and now have happy, smiling babies. In fact you can still find those families in our Facebook group to this day.

If you have any other questions or if you need more personalized attention you can always reach out by phone or email.

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