MARCI-Kids stands for Midwest Acid Reflux Children's Institute. It is also a play on acronym based off of one of the researchers name Dr. Marcella Bothwell ENT (Marci). Both Marci and Jeffrey Phillips Pharm. D (Dr. P) are the original founders of the institute and orchestrated the study that support what is fondly known as MARCIKids Dosing. If you're in the infant acid reflux world it's likely you've heard the term.

MARCIKids was designed as a resource to parents of children with suspected acid-related disorders back in a time when there were little to no resources or help for moms with suffering infants. The institute provided information and referrals as a free service through the University of Missouri Health Care system to treat infants with acid reflux and did so successfully for over 10 years.  Families from all over the country came to Columbia, MO to see and be treated by the Marci-kids team. Why? Probably for the same reason families turn to us now. They are not getting help.

The basis of MarciKids and MarciKids dosing is explained in depth on the PPI dosing page. But in short, the principles are; because infants metabolize very quickly, three times faster than adults, that in some cases, drugs may need to be dosed at three times the amount. This is the case for pro-drugs such as PPIs (proton pump inhibitors). Pro-drugs do not pass through the bloodstream and therefore do not effect the body in larger doses.

That study helped families for over 15 years and the University of Missouri became the infant acid reflux headquarters thanks to the work of the medical team there. It's reach was far and wide and you can still find words of praise peppering the internet from those families that MarciKids helped 25 years later (now).

The Only True Marci-Kids Resource

MARCIkids research can be found on the archived page here and you can review the information that is replicated by many that cover the subject of infant acid reflux. But there is only one true resource for it's principles and that is right here on Infant Acid Reflux Solutions, where you'll find the founder of Marci-Kids, Dr. Jeffrey Phillips Pharm D.

If you have any questions about MarciKids or would like to speak to Dr. P directly, contact us. We're happy to help.