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Are you a real practice?
Yes we are a real practice providing care from real medical doctors that specialize in reflux related concerns in infants and small children. We are a 100% telemedicine based practice with offices Overland Park, KS and Santa Fe, NM and expanding quickly.

What kind of care will I get?
This page explains what we do and the type of treatments we provide. We hope our treatments fit into your values as a family. Please review this video and decide before you schedule!

What if I change my mind and want a refund.
That’s no problem. We do charge a $50 administrative and PayPal fee as they do not refund us for any refunds we process. But we can send you the $200 refund if you email us and it’s usually processed the very same day.

Did you change your mind and want to schedule?
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Help me with my baby's reflux.

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