Initial Consult Doctor Prince Description Of Services For Your First Time Appointment


What happens during the Initial Reflux Consultation?

Because every baby is unique, it is helpful for our team to gain a better understanding of the specific events that your baby has had before your Initial Reflux Consultation.

Prior to your 60 minute virtual telemedicine appointment you will be asked to complete a comprehensive reflux questionnaire. This information will be reviewed in detail by Dr. Prince prior to your appointment so that she can use your time together to make a plan that works.

In your Initial Reflux Consultation, Dr. Prince will explain to you why your little one is exhibiting the particular symptoms, as well as how those symptoms are connected to one another. In addition, she will make a number of recommendations on activities, approaches, and treatment options for your little one’s treatment. 

You'll walk away from your Initial Reflux Consultation with a clear vision and understanding of why Dr. Prince is making the recommendations for treating your little one.

What you’ll get

•    Up to a 60 minute virtual telemedicine consultation with Dr. Prince

•    In-depth and Comprehensive Evaluation of your child's symptoms

•    Personalized Treatment Plan (with supplements / prescription protocols*) based on your child’s Individual Care Needs

•    Unlimited Messaging via HIPAA compliant messaging portal with the practice care team for Questions and Concerns for One Full Month

•    Access to high-quality supplements through*

•    Access to innovative, modern, and comprehensive testing based on your child’s unique health needs.**


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* Costs for supplements & medications are separate and are not included in the appointment price.

**Infant Acid Reflux Solutions offers standard blood work and in-depth specialty testing to help construct a comprehensive picture of your child’s health to better inform their treatment.  Some of the most frequently prescribed specialty tests include assess microbiome health and food allergies and intolerance. Costs for these specialty tests are a separate appointment and service. Please inquire here for additional details.