Gripe Water

Gripe water is an herbal based (Ginger, Dill, Fennel, Chamomile and other herbs) home remedy and does contain sodium bicarbonate in most cases, which can aid in neutralizing stomach acid but can also cause gas depending on amount given. It also contains alcohol which can irritate tissue which may be already damaged from acid. There is also no known negative, mild or serious, side effects. Some brands include: Babies and Bliss®, Mommy's Bliss®, Colic Calm®, Little Remedies®,Woodwards®, Infacol.

This is an ideal option for sporadic and very, very mild episodes of colic.

Colic is not GERD. Which I am sure you have heard your doctor say, your baby has colic and to wait it out. Colic is indigestion. GERD is a long term, moderate to severe symptom condition.

Gripe Water can assist in the mild discomfort associated with teething and other temporary aliments. However, it is not ideal for treatment of long term and moderate to severe reflux.

If your baby is suffering from long term, moderate to severe GERD symptoms,  you should connect with one of our support specialist to help you choose the best treatment provider and help you get reimbursed from your insurance.