Farah Sears FNP


Farah Sears FNP obtained her Associates of Science of Nursing in 2012 and Bachelors of Science of Nursing in 2013 from San Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX and worked in ICU/PCU and Emergency Department. She then attended The University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, TX for her Masters of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner in 2019.

With a strong wanderlust she began looking for meaningful work and fell in love with the idea of working with the native tribes in Bush Alaska and so took a position in Bethel, Alaska as an Itinerant Provider traveling to remote villages in Bush planes to spend 20 days at a time in Village clinics caring for the indigenous peoples of Alaska. 

During this time she began encountering sexual assault and child abuse victims and became involved with the Sexual Assault Respose Team and Child Maltreatment Team of her hospital organization.  Currently she is Assistant Medical Director of SART and CMT and works exclusively with children and their families.

Farrah has been a care partner to Dr. Jennifer Prince for many years and has worked with her side by side in the care of all of their patients.

She now works with the Infant Acid Reflux Solutions team to support families that have suffering babies.

Farah Sears Associate of Applied Science In Nursing Degree

Farah Sears Bachelor of Science In Nursing Degree

Farah Sears Masters of Science in Nursing