Alicia O'Brien


Hello, my name is Alicia and I am the mother of 3 reflux kids.

I am an active duty military wife, full-time student and stay-at-home mom. I am currently taking classes for my bachelor of science for Healthcare Administration and will be graduating in 2026. I reside in Arizona with my family, we have been an active duty family for 18 years and look forward to retiring and returning to our home state of Michigan in 2026. I am also a mother to an 18 year old special needs son, and 3 dogs.

I found Infant Acid Reflux Solutions after my third reflux baby out of desperation for help and support. After being told she just needed to "grow out of it" I knew we couldn't be the only family and took to the internet for help finding a new medical provider. I'm so glad I did because after 2wks of new treatment with Dr.Prince we had a brand new baby and could finally enjoy the early stages with her!

I enjoy working for the practice to help moms and parents coming to the group for help just like I did. Having gone thru reflux with my own family, I fully understand the struggle, lack of sleep and loneliness it can seem and I want to support and help you get a healthy, happy baby just like I did by utilizing this practice and group. 

Currently I manage all the Facebook group members and help them navigate areas of the practice as well as help keep the group on topic to best support the members of the group.

We hope to see you there and wishing you all happy and healthy babies.