Submit you 100% reimbursable payment of $25 for test coaching

Stipulations for refund

Hi and thank you for inquiring about the coaching session which is 100% Free but with stipulations and a refundable cost. The cost will be 100% reimbursed once the below tasks are executed.

- You show up for the tele coaching session. Any missed appointments means forfeiture of the amount advanced.

- After the appointment you submit a written feed back testimonial about your experience and what you gained from the appointment. If you were not happy with the appointment we want to hear that as well. An honest and polite testimonial is key!

- You do a min 2 min video testimonial for us.
Video requests:
- If using your phone, try to hold it or mount it in landscape view (if possible)
- Talk about your appointment, our group, recommended products or about our company in general.
- Tell us how your baby is doing and the results of the recommended treatment.
- If possible, hold your baby.
- Minimum 2 mins long
- Be yourself.
- Don’t be fancy. Authenticity is valued.


When the above has been completed your $25 will be reimbursed to you in full and we thank you for your time and hope you get a ton out of Beth’s extensive experience.