Placing Your TummyCare Max® Order

TummyCare Max must be used under the guidance physician or a medical care professional such as a nurse practitioner and compounded by a compounding pharmacist.

If this is the first time using TummyCare Max® you will need a starter kit which includes:

  • One Large Syringe for Filling
  • One Small Syringes for Dosing
  • One Mixing and Dispensing Bottle
  • One Special Dosing Cap for Mixing Bottle
  • One Funnel
  • TummyCare Max® Packets

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All orders received after 1pm PST will be shipped the following day. You will be receiving an email from us with tracking information once the order has shipped. If you choose USPS expedited shipping we can not guarantee arrival and neither does USPS. So if package does not arrive we can't offer a refund. Mostly because USPS doesn't offer a refund. If you must have the package expedited we suggest using UPS.

USPS Tracking
UPS Tracking

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