Mixing Instructions For
Tummy Care Max®

The mixing instructions for Tummy Care Max®are SOOOOO easy! Just watch this video and see how easy it is. I hear from Moms (and Dads) all the time that they're nervous about mixing Tummy Care Max® so we decided to make a video to show you how easy. Need more info? Just scroll down.

Now that you've found us and you've decided to purchase our products, you'll need to know what to do next. It only takes a little effort but you definitely do not have to be a lab technician use Tummy Care Max®.

This is important. Read the PPI Dosing Information page! That information is extremely helpful in providing current PPI Dosing recommendations for infants based on the MARCI-KIDS dosing. Also, the dosing calculator will assist you in choosing the correct instructions from the selection below for mixing Tummy Care Max®.

Also check into our weaning up or titrating up page. Weaning can really assist in easing the treatment and lessening that dreaded acid battle!

Want to share what you're doing with your doctor? GREAT! Here's some information you can print out and bring to your next appointment. It's always a good idea to tell your doctor what you're doing.

For your convenience we have created a printable version in PDF form supporting these dosing recommendations for you to bring to your next doctors appointment.
pharmacist giving TummyCare Max to an infant with acid reflux.


Below are a list of links that lead to illustrated PDF, downloadable pages that will give you step by step instructions on how to use your starter kit and how to mix our products as needed with the PPI drugs in OTC or RX form, that you intend on using with our TummyCare Max®. You can always find them here online or print them out and bring them with you or save to your device.

It is very important that you choose the exact type of PPI as well as the milligram (mg) and form of product (caps, tabs, solutab) because the mixing instructions vary depending on the each specific type, brand of PPI, the form in which it comes in and the amount of milligrams.

Finding your correct mixing instructions:

Step 1: Find the PPI you've decided to use, such as Prilosec®, Prevacid® Zegerid®, omeprazole, etcetera. Match the PPI medication that you plan to use to the directions listed.

Step 2: Check to see you've chosen the correct amount of milligrams (mg), that applies to your PPI. For instance; is it 10mg, a 15mg or a 20mg?

Step 3: Make sure the form in which your PPI comes in matches the instructions that you are choosing. Such as capsules, tablets, solu-tabs, etcetera.

Step 4: This is the tricky part. Click on the link! ;-)

Step 5: If you need a coffee grinder (which you will need for any of the instructions below) you can purchase them directly from the site here.

If you don't see your EXACT combination listed here, send us an email and we will send you the instructions for that combination and add it to this page for others to use.

TummyCare Max® Mixing Instructions:

THE REASON THERE ARE HALF PACKET MIXING INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREVACID: There is some question about whether lansoprazole (Prevacid®) is stable when made into a sodium bicarbonate suspension. A study has shown that it is not stable. Lansoprazole in TummyCare Max® was found to be stable for 30 days. Some parents have asked as to whether lansoprazole is stable in TummyCare Max®. Again, we have had the lansoprazole in TummyCare Max® evaluated and it was stable for 30 days. Some parents may wish to make a smaller amount of TummyCare Max® with lansoprazole - therefore we have instructions for 1/2 packet of TummyCare Max®.

If for any reason you change your proton pump inhibitor, the form it comes in or the milligram dose, it is very important that you return to this page and get new instructions.

Note: The doses recommended in the mixing instructions and on the PPI dosing chart are not recommended by any proton pump inhibitor manufacturer or distribution company. These recommendations are representative of typical dosing used at Marci-kids and the research done by Dr. Jeffrey Phillips and Dr. Marcella Bothwell and have been proven to be effective in most cases.

If you don't see your mixing instructions listed here, please contact us directly for assistance.

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