You've been selected as one of the few customers to use our small batch run because you're special. FlavorMax was created because our customers said they needed something to help dose their babies medications and not just PPI's (proton pump inhibitors).

How many times have you tried to give your baby medication, which ALWAYS tastes terrible, and your baby spits it back out or won't take it at all?

We created TummyCare Max® to help dose your baby's PPI medication plus we added a bunch of other stuff so it would optimize treatment. Because those ingredients in TummyCare Max® such as the sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide, all super bitter tasting stuff that needed to be masked we scoped the earth looking for ingredients that would make all that bitter go away AND make it taste great! And it works because babies love the taste of TummyCare Max®!

Well, FlavorMax has all the flavor that will mask just about any medications taste and actually make your baby love their medicine. Imagine that!

As a new product launch we are offering this small batch to select customers that wanted to try it. The label isn't so fancy but other than that it is a top notch product. It will come to you with a tamper resistant seal on over the cap and a seal over the opening of the bottle.

Non GMO Ingredients are: Evaporated cane sugar, Carob bean derived thickener, natural caramel flavor, Stevia, Thaumatin.

Description: FlavorMax is a taste masking formulation that can be used to mask bad tasting medicine, formula, liquid vitamins and other untasty, yucky stuff.

Directions: Add 1/2 a teaspoonful per 4-6 ounces of formula or formulation. Shake well and administer.

How long will FlavorMax last?
Depending on how often you dose your baby’s medication, it can last 10-17 days of dose flavoring. Approximately 35 Doses

Cost: $25.00 (Free Standard Shipping)
70 grams powder form
Manufactured by: Dr. Jeffrey Phillips
Manufactured on: 9-2016
Store in cool dry place.
Stable for 2 years after opening

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